Sunday, October 9, 2016

Heres Your Sign

Finally got our lawn sign today (and another for a friend!). Found a local office that turned out to be right around the corner from the establishment where I get my ears lowered - two birds with one stone so to speak travel wise.

Waking into the office I was greeted by a very nice gal and we immediately engaged in conversation that was relative to be sure and encouraging to both our mutual delight I might surmise.

I encourage all to seek out your own local Trump / Pence campaign office and at the very least to engage those working and offer encouragement. These Americans are really great, informative and fun to be around actually.

Lets continue to help in Making America Great Again!!!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Red October

Well we are now, finally, into the final stretch of this seemingly never-ending process of selecting a POTUS. Thankfully I might add.

This is the month that we are, every four years, promised of an "October Surprise" and there are always predictions of what form these surprises may take, if they come to fruition.

The following I ran across quite randomly and the fella covers the theme quite nicely in my opinion. He based the thought on well established actions from the recent past and recent promises of information yet to come.

I believe all can agree that this is the most historic, histrionic and bombastic campaign season in our lives. 

I also believe that no matter where one stands, thus far, we are all truly expecting a real October surprise this season and certainly will witness one or the other camp seeing red.

That song and artist make me crave Greyhounds (the drink) and Sardines (why not) - don't ask and I will not tell. Ah to be young again, just not Millennial young.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Notion Worth Pondering,,,

During last nights debate a certain topic that I actually cannot resolve in my mind as of yet came up in a Clinton diatribe on what was to be about race relations.

She basically stated to rid the Fed and States of "For Profit" enterprises as that should not be a motivation for locking anyone up (paraphrasing).

Fair enough.

Again, I have yet not resolved this and my following question(s) to all will explain my quandary:

Are not the actions of most crimes, no matter how committed, for profit? Being true, why not  "for profit" prisons?

Pondering yet?